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Brick Work

Hodgkinson can supply the complete package or ‘pick and mix’ solutions to meet the most demanding requirements. These range from, but are not limited to:

  • Supply and fix.
  • Labour only.
  • Labour supply with or without scaffolding.
  • Forklifts and drivers.
  • Labourers with full supervision.

We can support your project from start to finish and are always prepared to provide advice whenever is feasibility possible. Whether that’s during the design, tender or pre-construction phase.

Hodgkinson will also advise on any pre-construction issues including health and safety, cost planning and buildability. We look forward to hearing about your new project and how we can be of assistance.

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Stone Work

Clients looking for specialist stonework services can take advantage of the same ‘one-stop-shop’ facility offered to brickwork customers. The Hodgkinson service begins with an initial discussion based on the clients’ needs. This continues throughout the entire process, from the sourcing of materials to delivery and the handover of the completed project.

Within the residential and commercial stonework sectors, Hodgkinson expertise is regularly employed on contracts involving thin joint stone masonry, coarse stonework, random rubble coursed stonework, and reconstituted stonework. Restoration projects – where the need to create an effective and aesthetic marriage of new and old stonework is of paramount importance – is a Hodgkinson speciality.

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Glass Blockwork

Bespoke glasswork services are a recognised trademark of Hodgkinson operations. Increasingly, more clients are turning to Hodgkinson for both its consultancy and construction skills when customised glass blockwork is involved. At Hodgkinsons, we employ glass walls to:

  • Enhance the quality of the working area.
  • To save energy by using borrowed light.
  • To provide innovative spaces within a conventional, residential, educational or commercial environment.

Whatsmore, unlike some companies, Hodgkinson does not believe that glass blockwork needs to be an expensive choice of building material.

“As well as quality, we provide a particularly cost-effective glass block service and that is why we are in such demand for this kind of work.” – Ian Hodgkinson, Managing director of Hodgkinson Builders.

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Flint wall texture

Flint Work

In recent years, flintwork has become a key skill within the Hodgkinson portfolio. We have had the opportunity to showcase our quality flintwork craftsmanship through one of our Norfolk-based housing developments. The build involved an extensive use of flintwork, and was extended at the client’s request. Because of this, we were able to design and construct more eye-catching flint features within the home. Floor-to-ceiling fireplaces with flint centrepieces have become popular in some areas.

Regional variations in building style and the search for new, changing marketing concepts have prompted Hodgkinson to make a considerable investment in training specialist skills that are suitable for employees. “We are always more than happy to discuss the needs of our clients, whatever they are planning and do what we can to help.” – Ian Hodgkinson, Managing director of Hodgkinson Builders.

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